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It's a busy schedule working as the MP for Leicester South. We try to make sure we keep everyone up-to-date with important issues, topics that affect constituents. We do this with regular updates on the website, including this page, where we highlight news items.
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Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, spoke at the launch of Leicester Vaughan College and became a founding member of the college

October 27 2017

On Friday 27 October Jon spoke at the official launch of Leicester Vaughan College

Jon, next to Councillor Waddington, becoming the first member of Leicester Vaughan College Limited

Jon was a big supporter of the campaign to save the Vaughan Centre and on 26 August 2016 Jon accepted the petition against the closure signed by nearly 3,000 people.

Although the University of Leicester went ahead and closed the Centre last year, the campaign group has continued to fight on and Vaughan College was officially re-established on 27 October.

Vaughan College is now independent of the University of Leicester and will work in partnership with the City Council’s Leicester Adult Skills and Learning Service (LASALS) which will also host the official launch.

Jon said: “I was very pleased to hear about the re-establishment of Vaughan College. It is an invaluable resource for the whole of the City. I am honoured to be asked to become a founder member of the Society that will run the College.”

Jon speaking at the launch of Vaughan College

A Community Benefit Society, Leicester Vaughan College Limited, will direct and hold the College’s assets. After speaking at the launch, Jon will be the first person to sign the membership book.

Dr Miriam Gill, Founder Member, commented:

“Leicester Vaughan College has been set up by people who know University-level Adult Education is important and life-changing. The launch is a great chance to learn more about the exciting future for adult education in Leicester.”

Supporters and guests celebrated the College’s re-establishment and the fresh start of a programme of adult education provision.

Jon with Dr Miriam Gill  (second from right) and other supporters of the College
Photos (L to R) Jon, next to Councillor Waddington, becoming the first member of Leicester Vaughan College Limited, Jon speaking at the launch of Vaughan College,
Jon with Dr Miriam Gill (second from right) and other supporters of the College’

Photo of Jon speaking and the Group photo courtesy Ambrose Musiyiwa / Civic Leicester
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Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, gets a flu jab

October 27 2017

On Friday 27 October Jon visited Yakub Chemist on Hartington Road to learn more about the national pharmacy
NHS flu vaccination service.

The service aims to make it easier than ever to get an NHS flu jab and to increase the number of at risk people across England being protected from ill health over the winter months.

During the visit Jon discussed the flu vaccination service with the team at Yakub Chemist and had a flu vaccination.

Jon said: “I strongly encourage everyone to get a flu jab as soon as possible. Not only this will significantly decrease the change of catching the flu, but it will also protect you from various complications that the flu may cause. It is especially important to get the vaccine if you are older, pregnant or have a serious health condition.”

All adults aged 65 years and over, and those aged 18 years or over an in clinical risk groups, can receive a free of charge NHS flu jab at local community pharmacies and GP Practices across the country.

Sumaiya Panchbhaya, from Yakub Chemist, stated: “Community pharmacies are the most accessible healthcare locations and the flu vaccination service makes it easier than ever for people to get vaccinated and ‘stay well this winter.’”

Jon discussing the flu vaccination service with Sumaiya Panchbhaya
Luvjit Kandula, Chief Officer at Leicestershire & Rutland LPC commented: “The NHS community pharmacy flu vaccination service, which is now available in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland throughout the winter period, is a great opportunity for more at-risk people to have their jab protecting them during winter.”

“You can contact your local GP Practice or your local community pharmacy to get your flu vaccination and ‘stay well this winter.’”

Jon with Sumaiya Panchbhaya just after he had his flu jab
Photo left shows Jon discussing the flu vaccination service with Sumaiya Panchbhaya, photo right, Jon with Sumaiya Panchbhaya just after he had his flu jab
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Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, partners with Rahma Mercy for Highfields Food Bank

October 27 2017
On Friday 27 October Jon visited Rahma Mercy to officially launch the new partnership and accept the very first donation to the Highfields Food Bank.

In 2014 while working with local organisations, it became apparent that there was a desperate need for a food bank in the north Highfields area. Jon’s office, in partnership with the Highfields Centre and The Race Equality Centre established a food bank in the area.

The food bank, which is based at the Highfields Centre, runs every Thursday with volunteers making up the food parcels for local people. The food bank assists around 10 families every week with referrals coming from locally based agencies and schools. But there has been a significant increase over the last few months.

Jon said: “It is shocking that in 2017 food banks are a necessity to local communities and that so many people cannot afford basic food supplies. Working together with Rahma Mercy will make a huge impact to what our food bank can offer to people and how it will operate in the future.”

“Due to the significant increase in referrals my office receives every week, the need to expand the food bank became critical and I am very grateful that Rahma Mercy became a partner.”

This year alone 250 referrals were made to the food bank.


As the numbers of referrals started increasing rapidly, Rahma Mercy offered their support to Highfields Food Bank. By partnering with Jon’s office and the Highfields Centre, Rahma Mercy will enable the food bank to help more people.

Imam Khalil Patel, CEO Rahma Mercy, commented: “Being a charity which helps the poor and needy in the Balkans, it came to our attention that there is also a real need to support the most vulnerable within our society in Leicester.”

“This is a cause which our donors have been asking for, so we are very delighted to join with Jon Ashworth’s office and The Highfields Centre to support this very worthy cause.”

Rahma Mercy was established in 1999 by Imam Khalil Patel a founding member and director. The charity provides aid to those in need of food, housing, education, financial support, orphan sponsorship and much more. Rahma Mercy has now been working in Balkans for over 18 years where they build schools to empower people through education and provide aid to the poor and needy.

Jon visits Rahma Mercy to officially launch the new partnership
Jon visits Rahma Mercy to officially launch the new partnership
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For more information please visit

Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, backs new law to protect Leicester’s protectors

October 19 2017
Jon Ashworth MP is supporting a potential new law that would offer more protection for police, firefighters and NHS workers in Leicester and beyond

Jon has given his support to a new law being proposed by Chris Bryant MP, which for the first time would make it an aggravated offence to attack an emergency worker.

With nearly 250 police officers assaulted in Leicestershire last year and over 900 NHS workers at the two Hospital Trusts in 2016, the last year official statistics are available, this law aims to help deter people from assaulting the workers who protect our public on a daily basis, and to ensure those that do face tough sanctions.

The new law has support from the Royal College of Nursing, Unison, the Fire Bridges Union, the Police Federation, The British Transport Police and the GMB union.  It comes after Chris Bryant MP came top of the ballot for ‘Private Members Bills’ in Parliament, a mechanism that allows an MP to put forward a proposal to be debated in parliament and potentially made into law.

After opening a public vote on which issue to put forward, Mr Bryant went with the majority winner which was this Bill to stop attacks on emergency workers.


Jon said: “I’m backing the bill to protect our protectors because it’s absolutely unacceptable that the hard-working men and women in Leicester’s NHS, Fire and Police services face serious assault and abuse simply for doing their jobs trying to keep us all safe and well.”

“Any assault on emergency workers is unacceptable, and it’s about time the law reflected the seriousness of attacks on people working for the public good.  Society owes a debt of thanks to our emergency workers, so Parliament now needs to give them the support and protection they need; that’s why I’ll be supporting the Bill on the 20th October.”

Chris Bryant MP said: “I’m taking forward this Bill after hearing of the literally thousands of horrifying attacks on our emergency workers every year.  No one should be attacked just for doing their job, let alone when that job is putting themselves on the line for the public good.”

“Passing this Bill will send a clear message that we will not tolerate violence and abuse towards those who protect us, and it will hopefully help stem the tide of this worrying trend of assaults towards them.”

Jon with Holly Lynch MP and Emergency Workers
Jon with Holly Lynch MP and Emergency Workers
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Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, leads hunt for charity champion

October 13 2017
As #givingtuesday – the world’s biggest day for charitable giving – draws closer, Jon is calling on people in Leicester to help choose the UK’s ultimate charity campion.

The campaign is searching for someone who has shown an extraordinary commitment to charity and who has the potential to be the UK’s face of the global #givingtuesday campaign.

#givingtuesday is led in the UK by Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and will take place on Tuesday 28 November. It calls for people to ‘do good stuff’ for causes, and the #givingtuesday champion will serve as an ambassador for the campaign.

Jon said: “We all know people who go above and beyond the call of duty to support charity – this is a chance to celebrate those who make such an important contribution to our daily life in Leicester.”

“Let’s get behind #givingtuesday and find a champion who embodies our great commitment to charity.”

Previous winners of the campaign include Andrew Davies, who raised £150,000 for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and Courtney Hughes who has launched her own charity to distribute Christmas presents to people in care homes in Oxfordshire.


jon ashworth giving tuesday

The winner of the champion search will be given a platform to share their story to inspire others, and to show why people should come together on #givingtuesday to do good stuff.

Ben Russell, Director of Communications at CAF commented: “The next #givingtuesday champion will help to inspire millions of people across the country to do good stuff – help us find someone who stands out from the crowd and can represent the best of Britain on the global stage.”

Nominations can be made at
Jon speaking in the Commons
Jon speaking in the Commons
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Entries will close on Friday 27 October and a shortlist will be announced on Monday 30 October.  The winner will be revealed on Tuesday 7 November. Entrants need to aged 16 or over and reside in the UK.

Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, backs campaign for better post-transplant care

October 12 2017
Jon has backed a campaign by blood cancer charity Anthony Nolan, calling for better care for people recovering from
a stem cell transplant.

Despite stem cell transplant patients often being known as “patients for life” due to the long-term side-effects of the treatment, many patients are not receiving adequate support for the physical, practical and psychological challenges they experience during recovery.

According to research by Anthony Nolan, one in five are not offered any specialist care to help with their recovery, which includes access to physiotherapists, counsellors, and fertility experts.

Anthony Nolan is calling on health commissioners across the UK to urgently review the care arrangements they have in place for transplant recipients once they leave hospital, to ensure that patients and their families can continue to access vital support and services.

National commissioners pay for any treatment needed by patients for the first 100 days after transplant. After this point, responsibility for funding services passes to local commissioners – in England, the patients’ local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). However, a Freedom of Information request by Anthony Nolan found that at present, fewer than one in ten (9%) CCGs have specific arrangements in place.

At an event in the House of Commons this week, Jon Ashworth MP heard from patient representatives about how difficult recovery can be without appropriate support.


Jon said: “A number of my constituents have got in touch to bring this issue to my attention, so I know how important it is for people in Leicester that stem cell transplant patients and their families receive appropriate support. No patient’s recovery should be made more difficult by a lack of care and support, and that’s why I’m backing Anthony Nolan’s campaign, urging health commissioners to review the care arrangements they have in place once transplant patients leave hospital.”

Henny Braund, Chief Executive of Anthony Nolan, said: “It’s vital that health commissioners carry out an urgent review into the long-term care that stem cell transplant recipients need throughout their recovery, so we’re delighted to have the support of Jon Ashworth MP in raising awareness of this issue in Parliament and in their constituency.”

“Anthony Nolan is calling on health commissioners to work with us and the clinical community and make sure that post-transplant care works for every patient, to ensure they get the support they need to make a good recovery.”

To support the campaign, visit
Jon at the Anthony Nolan event in Parliament
Jon at the Anthony Nolan event in Parliament
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About Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer. The charity uses its register to match potential stem cell donors to blood cancer and blood disorder patients in need of stem cell transplants.

It also carries out pioneering research to increase stem cell transplant success, and supports patients through their transplant journeys. Every day Anthony Nolan gives three people a second chance at life. Find out more at

Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, judges the
Great Highfields Bake Off

October 7 2017

Jon, along with Michelle Stratford and Anisa Karolia, was judging the cakes at the Great Highfields Bake Off

The Bake Off was organised by Hajra’s Kitchen and Cook with Anisa with the support of Wycliffe Community Ward Funding. The event took place at the Highfields Centre with 15 entries.

Jon said: “The Great Highfields Bake Off was a fantastic event and it was great that the Wycliffe Councillors supported such an engaging event. As well as meeting the contestants I met old friends at the event.”

The event was won by Safeera Gangat with Halima Bhikhv and Munthana Mussa second and third respectively.

Jon commented: “All 15 cakes were amazing and I congratulate Safeera on winning what I hope will be the first of many Highfields Bake Off.”

All participants received a medallion and there were trophies and prizes for the first, second, and third places.

Jon judging the cakes
Councillor Dawood from Wycliffe Ward, commented: “I think this is a wonderful event not only to show off your talent, but to bring different communities together. Hajra and Anisa did a great job organising this event, and I am sure that everybody had a great time.”

Jon with (left to right) His Worshipful The Lord Mayor, the husband of the winner, Safeera Gangat the winner, Anisa Karolia, Michelle Stratford, The Lady Mayoress and Councillor Aqbany
Photo left shows Jon judging the cakes, photo above, Jon with (left to right) His Worshipful The Lord Mayor, the husband of the winner, Safeera Gangat the winner, Anisa Karolia, Michelle Stratford, The Lady Mayoress and Councillor Aqbanye,
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